Saturday, April 21, 2012

Like a Virgin, Spanked for the Very First Time

I met the Englishman for coffee. I was a bit worried when he mentioned he only stood at 5'6", but after meeting him I decided height didn't matter as much as I would have thought. He pointed out that hanging behind me was a frat style paddle! A sign? Perhaps.

The conversation was great-it was much more like meeting with a friend than sitting for an interview. His accent lures me in. Drool. Of course with my luck, a couple I know walks in. Ugh. Heart. In. Stomach. Why? Why? Why? I play it cool and they never approach my table. Until they leave I can only ask myself, "What possible story can i come up with to explain this?". Could I just say with so much exaggeration, "Yeah, J, I put an ad up online, met a guy 20 years older than me and now we're having coffee. (eye roll) That's exactly what's going on." that she would think it impossible? I wouldn't. I couldn't.

We spoke until his meter ran out an hour and a half later. I then went to get spanked.

I was originally supposed to meet with Glasses on Thursday. Yesterday morning I woke up with a note in my inbox saying that some time had opened up. It worked for me, but I felt a bit like a spankSlut. We've had a lot of trouble getting together so I jumped at the opportunity.

So we got to his place and there was definitely that awkward, "So what do you want to do? I dunno, what do you wanna do?". We decided to get straight to it since we had limited time. The newbiness in me showed when I first got onto his lap in the wrong direction. So I finally drape myself in the right direction. He asks if I'm ready, and I say that I am. He prompts a, "Yes, sir" (note to self). So we begin. All my anticipation is about to come to fruition. Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack.... Huh? What just happened? How did my panties find their way down? Is this the warm up? Yikes! This isn't nearly as sexy as I was thinking it would be. The hairbrush comes out and things get better. The familiar sting feels great. The slower pace allows time for me to flinch in anticipation. But it's too loud and he tucks it away. Back to the spanking. About 15 minutes later he puts me in the corner with my bum exposed until he's ready.

When I'm dismissed I make a beeline for his floor length mirror. Ahhhh.... That color is a shade of pink I was never able to achieve on my own. My whole rear is glowing and radiating heat. I'm hypnotized by the sight and can't stop feeling the warmth. He calls me back and has me lay on my tummy as he lays cool washcloths over me.

After my fifth or sixth time checking my glowing bum he asked if I'd like some more. This time I crawl arose this lap and lay on the couch. This time he takes his time spanking me. He tells me he could do this for hours, and I want to take him up on that challenge, but there's no time. It's delicious and I squirm with delight as he spanks me. If he continued to do so, I'm pretty sure he could spank me into an orgasm. Our time is up. I check my bottom in the mirror one more time before I go.

The rest of the day I'm aware of how by bottom feels- how it feels when I sit on the cool leather seats of my car. How it must look if the cool breeze swept my dress up just enough for someone to see my secret.


  1. Welcome to blogging! I just saw you were following my blog and decided to check out yours. You have an interesting story and I will follow you!


    1. Kitty, I absolutely *adore* your blog!! In fact, when I'm not feeling up to things in the bedroom, I often ask myself, "WWKD?" and things usually work out for the best! :)


    2. Thank you so much! I have to tell you, though, I literally lol when I read your reply to my comment! I read it to Daddy and he laughed, too.

      I'm glad to be an inspiration;).