Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Batter up!

I feel a mild amount of pressure writing my first blog entry. After getting sucked into the spanking blogosphere, I came across one of my favorites, SecretSpanko. As a fellow SS I find myself getting lost in my own thoughts with no one to talk to or to use as a sounding board. This has created a huge amount of tension and so, here I am, spewing upon your monitors.

So why Flipping SpankCakes? Ever since I've been sexually active, I've known spanking to be a huge turn on. I have other subtle fetishes, but they all seem to point back to spanking. Past and current lovers have all indulged me, but they never were true spankos. Some even went to the extent of shaming me for it, and not in a good way. Frankly, much of my enjoyment comes from exciting my partner, and if he's just going through the motions he mind as well not be spanking me at all.

All these years I've buried this fetish, telling myself I don't need it to be satisfied. All of that is going to "flip". Why now?

I've lived a fairly vanilla lifestyle since getting married. It didn't bother me that much to have a mediocre sex life. Life got busy. I can't say if it was a combination of my age or where I am in my life, but in the last two years my libido has exponentially increased. I brought up spanking with my spouse and there were half-hearted attempts that usually went something like "smack smack smack, ok, time to stick it in". Sexy. Yeah right. This goes very much along the lines of ruining a load of laundry and then me saying, "Don't worry about it, I'll take care of it from now on".

So I suppose I'm not that much of a SS, as my husband is quite aware of my fetish. After several failed attempts I even asked my husband if he would mind if I took up a spanking partner. It was a no-go for him. I suggested seeing a sex therapist (friends of mine had much success) and he came up with a list if excuses not to. So a year goes by, during which I explore the spanking literotica out there. Yum. A couples months ago my hormones went into overdrive (my theory is that I'm in my prime childbearing years) and for one week each month I have an absolute and insatiable need for cock. Seriously, I would fantasize about any man, and I mean ANY man I came across. I'm guessing it's a similar experience to what 16 year old males go through. Then I realized, it's not cock that I needed, after all I have one if those at home. What I needed was a warm lap and a firm hand. And hence, my search for a spanker began.

So here I am, SpankCake, a spanking virgin, waiting for my cherry to be popped. Batter up!


  1. I am truly flattered and was (unbelievably) completely unaware until tonight that you had a blog. I once posted about 1st posts and this one is a winner. I can't quite believe how you've taken up this spanking thing and been so successful so quickly. You're amazing, and I'm grateful to have played some small part in your journey.

  2. You played more than a small part! The night I ran across your blog post on sleeve rolling, my heart just about stopped. It triggered this internal need and seemed to connect so many dots in my life. I think I read your entire blog in the next couple days! So to you, kind sir, I say, "Thank you!".