Saturday, April 14, 2012

Getting to Know You

I met Glasses for coffee last night. Ironically, he had tea and I opted to pass on drinking anything since I was going to meet some girlfriends for dinner and a movie half and hour later.  I arrived right on time and He was already seated at an outside table. He was easy to spot since he looked just like his picture.  I waved on my way over to him and was relieved he didn't look disappointed.  Overall he seemed like a nice guy.  

He had a lot of things going for him:

1. Discreet- he's engaged and is an executive of some sort. We'd both have a lot to lose if we were exposed.
2. Light on the implements- he uses mostly his hand, but will use paddles, hair brushes, spoons and belts. No canes.
3. Space- he has a space available to use for play. This seems to be a constant hurdle with secret spankos.


1. Really into the discipline aspect of spanking. Not a bad thing, but it might limit my experience. He mentioned in the past he's used corner time (eh) and writing a specific sentence a million times. Not a deal breaker.

2. For him, spanking is not a sexual experience at all. I think my jaw dropped when he said this. I'm trying to be open minded and accepting, but a large part of my kink is exciting my partner.

He walked me to my car and asked if he could check out the merchandise. I complied and was tempted to offer my backseat. Unfortunately I chose the closest spot to the coffee shop since I was in heels, otherwise we might have had enough privacy. We made a date to rendezvous later this month when his fiancé will be out of town.

I have a coffee date with the Englishman this Tuesday. My impression is that he and I are more on the same wavelength, but i'll know for sure after we meet in person.

And what happened to guy #3? I let him know I was no longer interested and since then he has sent several passive aggressive emails. Geez, if there was any way to convince me, I'm sure trying to manipulate me into letting you spank me is the most efficient. Glad I dodged that bullet.

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