Monday, April 23, 2012

Hit and Run

After (over)thinking my first experience, I needed to turn it around and do something...reckless. I emailed Glasses to see if he'd be up for a quickie spanking.  With the spirit of a teenager, I suggested we meet that night in a secluded parking lot. He agreed!  After a night out celebrating a friend's birthday, I met him in the agreed upon lot.  Something like this would never have happened in my "real" life! What am I thinking? I'm completely giving in to my id, that's what!

Comparing our cars, it seemed that my car had the larger back seat. I followed him into the back seat. He motioned me over and I crawled across his now familiar lap. Ahh. It felt like home. He lifted up he back of my dress. He rubbed his hand under my panties and over my bottom. I lifted my hips to cue his next move. I could almost feel the moonlight as it hit my exposed bottom. He took his time to warm me up. The spanking was wonderful. I raised my bottom to meet his hand and this allowed him to catch the top of my thighs. The sting was welcomed. He really laid it onto me for the finale, so much so my right breast had popped out if my dress. I quickly tucked her in before turning around and laying on his chest. His heavy breathing slowed. He kissed the top of my head and we both went our merry ways.

I could get used to this.


  1. I bet the adrenaline was pumping:).