Saturday, April 21, 2012

In Retrospank

A couple notes:

There were definitely somethings I learned about my needs as a spankee after my first experience:

1. As a spankee, I'm offering up my bottom to my spanker. That takes a lot of trust. In turn, a little chivalry goes a long way! No matter how short we were on time, a proper warm up should have been given. I feel like he put his needs before mine- in the moment it illustrated to me a lack of care, which is inconsistent with my m.o.

2. I'm not so much into the corner-time thing. However, my inherent need to please my spanker doesn't allow for me to just "take" what I need without "giving" what he wants. Does this make us an improper match? Maybe I need to ask less questions next time, or finding a play partner could prove to be challenging.

3. I might need to separate the spanker from the person he is. I'm not dating this person, nor do I plan on it. So why did it bother me that he was drinking a BigGulp of soda afterwards? I guess I just didn't want to think that the guy that just spanked me is the same guy that went into a 7-11 to get a giant drink of diabetes. It seem a bit douche-baggy to me, but why should I care at all? I'm being a bit of a dbag myself for being so judgy.

This whole experience is a real eyeopener, and I look forward to learning even more.

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