Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's week since you looked at me

It's been one week since I've started looking for a spanker. As I delve deeper into the process, I'm finding more and more about what I'm looking for (How appropriate is it that the title of this post comes from a song by the Barenaked Ladies?).

When corresponding with people it's only natural to want to know what they look like. However, that's just not the case with me. During my email exchanges I never ask for a photo and refuse to send one when requested. Inevitably I'll open my inbox to find a picture.

Men, I will be honest with you. If we're gearing up to meet for coffee, no matter what you look like, you'll always look like a serial killer to me. Until my gut can check you out in person, I'll always be a bit weary. If you're handsome, you're using your good looks to lure me in and then chop me into a hundred pieces. If you're hideous, you're probably sending me a handsome pic to lure me in and then chop me into a hundred pieces. And in turn, when getting spanked, all of you will look like Don Draper to me (am I wrong, ladies?!). Yum.

In all seriousness, I'm unsure how much looks matter to me. There is a wide range of what's acceptable. That's also true of age.

Initially on I only got responses from men between 50-68. I'm still unsure where my upper age range gets cut off...I'm guessing it will come down to the person, but I was thinking around 50. The other day I got a message from a 27 year old. Instantly I knew I wasn't interested and I'm not sure why! Even if he was tall and could handle me, I just have trouble imagining submitting to someone...younger than me (just typing that makes me vomit a little bit. I can't believe 27 is younger than me! How did that happen?!). It just goes to show to me that I'm either going to have to get comfortable with becoming a MILF, or my days getting spanked are numbered.

So far I have a couple potential spankers:
1. 44/m, lives in my area, engaged, wears glasses (another fetish if mine. I love an intelligent man, and what more iconic than a pair Buddy Holly frames? Yum).

2. 50/m Englishman, lives in my area, married. I find accents to be such panty-melters (and not just British accents ;) you know who you are...yes, I'm talking about you!) The only problem is neither one of us can host. We'll have to cross that bridge when we come to it.

3. 58/m, lives two hours away. This guy was one of the first to reach out. He's seems like a really nice guy, but the distance and his personal fantasies sort of rule him out. I feel a bit obligated since he's answered so many of my questions, but in reality, this probably won't happen.

I'm meeting number 1 for coffee later today. Knowing that I have obligations immediately afterwards is comforting since there won't be any pressure or temptation to do anything else.

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