Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blogging about flogging

I recently commented on Secret Spanko's blog in regards to mixing alcohol and spankings: "...All that being said, I'm almost certain that I will mix the two in some degree or another in the future."

That opportunity came MUCH sooner than expected!

My friends and I celebrated two of their birthdays by attending the Renaissance Faire. For those of you who have never been, the Renaissance Faire celebrates the period of time in which it's named after. It's actually quite educational. I remember attending it in high school and we learned how to make leather pouches, play a version of baseball that would have been played at the time and learned to speak some of their dialect. However, the purpose of our trip could be summarized as an excuse to have our breasts spill out of our corsets while drinking beer. And lots of it.

I secretly went in with the mission of finding a wooden hair brush (I was told by Glasses that my hairbrush was actually a fake wood and hallow which is what made it so loud) and possibly a paddle. While there were lots of woodcrafts, I didn't quite find what I was looking for. I did stumble into a booth where a lady was flogging another lady. Surprising even myself, I ran up to her and asked her if she was giving away floggings. She told me she does it professionally and was only trying out the equipment. She would gladly give me a flogging but the shop keeper only offered one trial to her. I was quite disappointed!

My friends and I spent the rest of the day talking to interesting people and trying to find a paddle. As the day came to a close we left without any luck. It was sad to not have left with a special souvenir, but it was a fun day anyways. As we were waiting for our designated driver outside the gates, my friend suddenly ran up to someone. All of a sudden the crowd parted and I see her pointing at me. I see the man she's standing next to is holding a leather flogger. Gasp! There's another layer of excitement since a crowd has started gathering. At least in the shop it would have been a semi-private affair! At this point there's no going back and in front of all those people I put my hands on my knees and bend over. My long skirt stays down (I'm not THAT brave!) as he warms me up by lightly rubbing my bottom with his hands and then brushing it with the flogger. He starts to count down and then he whips the flogger. Thud. Ahhh.... Lovely! He only gives me two more before the crowd breaks out into a cheer. He took that as his cue that we were done. I went up to my flogger and gave him a hug and whispered, "Next time it'll be bare-bottomed" with a wink. He then told me he admired my "cushion" (is that what they called it back then, or was that his term? They always seem to stay in character) and told me he'd give me one for the road. I eagerly bent right over and I get the taste of one last sting.

I only had four swats to enjoy, but I would have loved more. I began to wonder how much more extreme would I be willing to go? Possibly caning? I used to scuba dive and it would always bother me to be diving with those I called "depth whores". These were the divers that would go out for the sake of bragging how deep they could dive. I personally found whether diving at 30 ft or 130 ft you saw much of the same sights, but you ran out of air much faster at 130ft. But these "depth whores" found pleasure in the extremes. I kind of felt like getting a taste of that flogger got me thinking of various implements and perhaps I was thinking more like an "implement whore" instead of enjoying the sights. I still love a good open-handed spanking over a man's lap, and perhaps I should refocus on enjoying the quality of the experience instead of chasing the extremes.


  1. Thanks for sharing your flogging story! Sounds like a rush:).


  2. I had no idea you had a blog... awww....that's awesome! I love it so far!

  3. Thanks, guys! It was fun. As shy as I am, it definitely spoke to the exhibitionist within me :)