Thursday, July 30, 2015

All The Small Things

I was inspired to write again after reading about our little's day with
Craig and Lizzie on Black and Blue.  It was so much fun to read
and it reminded me how much I love reliving the day through my
writings. Even though things have ended with the Englishman (I
completely understand that I owe a post catching up to the changes in
my life... but that is a much longer and heavier post that I will
visit another day...), I am so happy to have an account of our
relationship, and I hope to do the same with Craig and Lizzie.

We had been wanting a little’s day for the longest time...and it’s not
to say that we don’t have lots of little’s time, like when Craig will
make us swirly eggs (poached to perfection) for breakfast or when he
reads us bedtime stories compete with voices (he does a great Mama
Bear, c-face and all). But a rainy Saturday seemed to be the perfect
time to have a special little’s day, especially as I had been begging
to go to Build-A-Bear for awhile. The last time we tried to go we had
found out they had closed the shop... so I was eager to go before they
made like the California Grizzly and went extinct.

After lunch it was time to get ready for our outing. Lizzie and I both
had our dresses picked out. I wore a cream colored jumper with black
flowers. I wore my hair in long curls and put a matching flowered
headband in my hair.  Lizzie wore a sweet dusty rose-colored dress
with black buttons. I love whenever we have opportunities to dress up
since Lizzie often lets me to her hair... and she has *the* best hair!
I curled her hair and found a sparkly black bow to hold it out of her
pretty face.  Her curls sprung with every step and it took all the
will power in me not to keep pulling at them to watch them spring
right back into place.

We drove to the nearest Build-A-Bear (BAB) and hustled through
the rain from the car to the mall.  The double doors opened and it was
difficult not to sprint to the store. Instead, we skipped, rather Lizzie
skipped and I galloped as my shoes were not skip-friendly. If you
don’t know how BAB works, you first have to pick out a deflated bear.
Then you have to stuff it (there’s a ceremony involved) and then you
pick out different outfits.  Lizzie knew which one bear she wanted to
adopt right away. I however, was less decisive. I kept picking out bears
and holding them next to Craig and Lizzie to look for likeness. I finally
found two that looked just like them and we stood in line.

Their likeness to Craig and Lizzie is uncanny!

Lizzie and I watched the kids in front of us get their bears stuffed
and we made a few notes. When it was our turn, our bear stuffer girl
asked us if we were going to a fancy party.  She complimented our
outfits saying they were so cute and said that outside of work that
was totally her style... I would think BAB would be the perfect place
to work for a closeted little.  She was also very curious about our
dynamic...making vague hand gestures and asking how long we’ve been
together.  Craig gave her a very polite answer.  With four bears to be
stuffed they opened up another station for the rest of the line... the
impatient kids behind us could relax.  We went through the abbreviated
for big-little-girls ceremony and then it was time to pick out

As everyone knows, shopping for clothes is not something that can be
rushed. Lizzie and I both had a particularly difficult time picking
out clothes- Lizzie found two really cute outfits for Princess (that’s
what she named her bear) and couldn’t decide on which one. I asked
Craig if we could get more than one outfit and we were shut down...
probably because we had already caved to allowing us to buy our bears
day clothes and pjs. We finally got in line to check out.  The sales
person handed us the tags to go print out birth certificates. Craig
sent away to do that while he finished up the transaction. He told the
sales person, “Daddy has to buy all of the bears.” We giggled as we
headed to the computers...the sales person gave a knowing smile.

We left the store with Princess, Craig Bear, Lizzie Bear and Little
Strange in their own houses.  Craig pulled up the car so the bears
wouldn’t get wet and we tossed Little Strange into the trunk while we
kept the other bears up front so we could dress them.  We asked Craig
if they could come watch Inside Out with us but he said it wouldn’t be
a good idea with all the buttery popcorn that was going to be
involved.  It took us forever to finally find a parking spot... which
should have been a clue how popular the movies were going to be! We
walked through the drizzle to the movie theater. We had to climb some
stairs where Craig and I both admired Lizzie’s bottom. When we got to
the top I tossed my purse on the ground and asked Lizzie if should
could pick it up.  Unfortunately for us, she knelt down like a lady
instead of giving us a sneek peek at the coming attractions. We were a
little early and so Lizzie and found a table at the bar while we
waited for Craig to buy the tickets.  Two girls sat near us with their
blankets in tow...after looking at the condition of their blankets I
was glad to leave the bears in the car.  The movie only had seats WAY
up front which was just as well because that meant we could grab
dinner instead.  To make us for the movie, Craig took Lizzie and I to
one of our favorite places to eat.  On the way to the restaurant we
stopped by BevMo, aka where we get our “big girl juice”.  When we were
in line, a woman exclaimed how pretty we both looked.  We looked at
each other and smiled...both of us can get quite shy.  After a quick
stop at the store, we headed to the restaurant.  Lizzie and I ate
until we were as stuffed as our bears.  We spent the rest of the night
with spankings, watching TV and cuddling with our bears. We hibernated
for the evening...not to wake until the sun peeked through our

It was a perfect day and I can’t wait until our next little’s day...
Lizzie and I have already conspired about going to Disneyland...with
the intention of stopping by the BAB at Downtown Disney (shhhh...don’t
tell Daddy!).