Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Showing Restraint

After last week's session, the Englishman and I had made a wager based on the outcome of American Idol. I lost, so I left it up to him to come up with a punishment/reward (let's be honest, it was a win/win all around). After a lot of consideration, he decided he wanted the opportunity to spank me naked. Ugh. My heart sank. The idea of appearing completely naked in front of him truly was my idea of a punishment. As a woman of my word I was obliged. At this point I had three days to get comfortable with my body... It didn't help that Saturday was Cinco de Mayo and I had drunk my fair share of margaritas. Ok, so three days of running and avoiding carbs... this was do-able.

Tuesday comes and as soon as i see him I realize that none of my fears mattered... they were completely irrelevant. I always feel the most beautiful while being spanked, and that comes from within, not just from my spanker telling me so. The energy is amazing as I am being spanked while bent over a table. He stands me up and holds me from behind. Bliss... His hands move down to my belt and slowly removes it. I'm totally in the moment as he alternates between whispering in my ear and kissing the back of my neck. He fumbles with the hook of my dress and slowly unzips it down to my waist. He is so tender with his touch as he slides the straps off my shoulders. My dress falls quietly to the floor. The last article of clothing protecting my modesty is slowly stripped off of me- first the hooks and then the straps. My bra falls forward and yet I have no desire to catch it. He steps back and admires the scene before him. He slowly caresses the outside of my arms from my shoulders to my hands and raises them up above my head. I'm delighted with surprise when they're led to a bar. I curl my fingers around the bar that hangs above my head and stretch to elongate my body. I love the feeling of having my hands restrained, and I love it even more when he begins to lightly whip my bottom.

I've always kept my interests to the spanking world, but now I'm a little curious about BDSM. The two worlds seem to overlap quite a bit. How much do these two (or any other) worlds collide for you?

Session notes: LFMF: no matter how thin you want to appear, eat. Your stomach WILL grumble (not sexy) while being spanked and you WILL get lightheaded from all the breathlessness from your excitement. And seriously, your spanker couldn't care less about a pound or two when he has your bottom to spank.


  1. This is beautifully written. I felt every bit of it. Including the stomach grumbling. Mine seems to do it no matter what.

    Not too much BDSM colliding in RL but I do seem to load up the fantasies with it.

  2. Thanks, Emen! I always enjoy reading your comments! I'm wondering...any reason you don't turn your fantasies into reality?


  3. Nicely done! I think it is true that the spanking and BDSM worlds overlap for us. Kallisto enjoys bondage almost as much as spanking, and the two activities go well together.